Art by Ronald
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You will not Define me. 

All the things you do during the day matter. When you close your eyes and go to sleep, your dreams matter. It is the combination of your actions and your dreams that compile to form a mind and a corresponding person that act and behave as you. Do not be confused or humbled - there is no other you. Don't be talked out of your dreams by your actions, and don't let your actions, influenced by others or otherwise, effect your dreams. I wanted to be an artist, I dreamed about it. I was told I couldn't - no, that I shouldn't, be an artist. 48 years later, here I am, I am defining myself. I am an artist. 


Art is a Home Away from Home

I want to show my art pieces as a piece of my life that can take on new meaning in yours. I photograph my pieces in my home because my home is my creative nest, my active art studio, and my shared space with my husband. There's no place more suiting to create, shoot, and present my works to you than in my home. I hope you feel the same way. 


The Lion's Eye

The Lion's Eye covers this small wall in my bedroom. My home is a colorful combination of colors and textures that do not escape my art. I play with mixed media because it is bold, always changing, and manipulatable. While decorating and dreaming new designs for my home and art respectively, you'll always find texture, contrast, and life - for these three pillars are how I see things everyday. 


In between shots

There's a fine line between chaos and organized texture. While this art arrangement is impractical for everyday life, I love pulling out my art pieces for display, exhibitions, or photos. This simple photo was a happy accident, a piling of all the photographed pieces into a corner and out of our way. Although we set the pieces aside, they are still full of vibrance. No matter how many pieces find themselves together, there is still harmony. I wish we all could jive as well as art does. 


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