About Ronald

I was raised in a conservative area, had parents that thought I should be straight, was told I needed 2.5 kids and a traditional college degree. I wasn't defining myself then and I did as I was influenced. I was even engaged at one time in my life, physically and metaphorically engaged to a lifestyle that wasn't for me. I wanted to go to art school but instead received a traditional four year degree and took a corporate job. I worked until retirement at a good enough company. I lived how I was told to live and I did all this because when you are gay, 50 years ago and today, you're influenced to disappear. Disappear to the back, outter edges of normalcy and told to happily live half a life.

Well, I put my foot down.

Although I never went to art school, I constantly had the urge to create. Corporate America didn't take my creativity away, new relationships didn't take it away - and I was learning not to take creativity away from myself. In 2005, I began to study basic photography, I took art classes, I engaged the art communities where I lived - and I fell in love with something other than my husband. After over 48 years of art suppression, I decided it was time to define myself. I decided it was time to art. I've been creating my pieces ever since and have sold numerous small projects and 10 large, mixed media pieces. My art, to my delight, continues to win awards at shows and exhibits. 

I am proud of what my art has accomplished and I am so excited to push it further, I have 48 years of art to make up for and I am ready to move forward. 

I am defining myself, I am an artist. 




  • Fort Lauderdale Artist Guild: Best in Show 2014
  • South Florida Art Exhibition: 3rd Place
  • Fort Lauderdale Artist Guild: Best in Show 2015
  • WJCT: 3rd Place
  • Judges Honorable Mention for We ALL Bleed The Same Blood

    Chords of Unity Exhibition